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The Legends Country Club-Remodel

Originally built in 1988, The Legends Country Club is looking to update their existing space into a more functional and accommodating space for the current and future generations of members. The biggest task was to illuminate the large amounts of un-used space and re-program their functions to become profitable real estate. The spaces I highlight are: the Lobby, Living room, Georgian room and the Bar. My main focus was to design a full-time restaurant that serves everything from coffee in the morning on your way to work to dinner with the family in the evening. The location of the restaurant allows for much easier access to the kitchen and servers as well as easy access from the parking lot and patio space. By incorporating a restaurant, the bar now becomes a bar and lounge that serves adults 21 and older as well as a rentable space to be combined with the banquet room for events. The lobby then becomes a more open and inviting space that becomes a functioning lounge and waiting area between the restaurant and bar. 

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