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Eureka, Kitchen Re-model

Before Photo

After Photo

This builder-grade kitchen from the 90's has been transformed into a warm and inviting kitchen to remember! The owners wanted this kitchen to make more sense in terms of functionality and appearance. The solution? Get rid of the kitchen table,  expand the kitchen surface to fill the remander square footage, and add materials that represent the construction of the home. The new island now serves as not only the "table" space and "buffet"space, but also storage including the waste containers and microwave. The original oak floors were sanded and re-finished in a dark stain that matches the warm tones of the cabinetry. The bricks add visual texture while also bringing in color. Pendant lighting along with tape lighting (added on top of and under the cabinetry) add the perfect amount of adjustable ambient lighting. Overall, this kitchen re-model is now ready for any occassion!

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